How SMIT Works?

SMIT Foundation follows all the necessary and relevant safety and medical protocols before admitting any resident to its premises. A standard onboarding process is in place for new admissions.d The procedure includes mandatory police verification of the individual(s), along with a complete medical check-up. It ensures the safety of all the SMIT Home residents and helps to anticipate or prepare for any medical emergency.We accept and welcome admission requests from individuals, other non-profit organizations, and police authorities. We consider the potential member’s needs, our current capacity, the police verification, and medical check-up result before giving residence.

Our staff will then guide you and the potential future resident regarding all the terms, conditions, and rules that one needs to abide by after admission at our foundation.


We Welcome All with Open Arms

Senior Citizens

We provide a home for homeless senior citizens in our NGO at Thane. We realize that old age is second childhood; hence, it is natural for us to care for the aged who are poor, homeless, or ailing. SMIT provides shelter and rescues homeless elders living on the streets. Some get abandoned by their own family or escape an abusive home or suffer massive financial losses and lose everything, and there are so many other reasons. At SMIT, we provide adequate elderly care and support as per their age and ailments


Apart from the aged, anybody who is homeless with nobody to look after them or, in other words, who are orphaned, is taken in by us and provided the necessary amenities to live a better life. We are a home for orphans that takes care and provides for them, with fellow residents as family and friends. We also arrange training facilities for such members based on their capabilities. It helps them to earn their living and become independent.


Sometimes people suffering from handicaps also suffer constant taunts and misbehavior by others. Their family or caregivers may not want them and may not be ready to understand their problems. They are mostly abandoned or left to fend for themselves. SMIT provides a loving and caring home for handicapped people. We provide the necessary treatment and counseling for handicapped residents. One may or may not be bedridden, but our empathizing staff is here to help one and all, irrespective of their state.

Mentally unsound

Some families disown mentally unsound patients due to various reasons. Our NGO cares for mentally challenged people who get ditched by their families or are poor and homeless. Dealing with mentally ill patients needs special training, utmost patience, and lots of compassion. They may suffer from terrible mood swings, or memory loss, or any such complications. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in handling such situations and making them feel loved and safe.

Differently-abled children

Many families leave their differently-abled children as they are unable or don’t want to take care of their unusual needs. SMIT comes into the picture to help such abandoned children. Being differently-abled, they lack the confidence and courage to face life’s challenges. Our aim is not just to provide a loving home for differently-abled children but also to provide them the necessary education and courage to fulfill their dreams and hopes. We believe they may be different but are as unique as any other child in this world.

Missing persons

SMIT provides a temporary shelter for missing persons till they get reunited with their family or caregivers. We work closely with the police and other NGOs in and around the Thane district to identify missing people and provide them with the basic necessities.