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Welcome to SMIT Old Age Home & Care Foundation

Mrs. Yojana Vikas Gharat founded SMIT. The responsible and strong shoulders of her daughters Mrs. Vrushali Utekat as Secretary and Ms. Mayuri Gharat as Treasurer have stayed beside her from the very beginning. Together these three iron ladies have been the pillars holding SMIT and helping it make sustainable, positive changes.

It is often said that our experiences shape our destiny. Our Founder and President Mrs. Yojana Gharat was no exception to this rule. Having been raised in Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata, she always had a concrete and comprehensive understanding of the plight of the needy. And she made it her life mission to help out and contribute in every way possible.

Mrs. Yojana Gharat has been a social worker for more than 23 years now and has taken up various causes over the years. However, with time, she realized that some sections of Indian society are significantly more downtrodden and neglected than others. This realization led to the formation of SMIT in 2010 at Boisar in Palghar district of Maharashtra. As a direct result, our attempts to improve the state of destitute senior citizens, the mentally unstable people, orphans and missing people received a substantial boost.

To tackle these problems, relocating to Kalher in Thane district in a rented property was the practical solution- and it is our current location. However, this is not our final address. SMIT deserves a place of its own to absolutely ensure our residents always have a roof on their heads and food on their plates.

Likeminded people with the genuine desire to help elevate and improve the state of affairs joined hands, and SMIT Old Age Home & Care Foundation was registered as a trust in 2017. Our recognition as a non-profit organization is truly reflective of our ideologies. It has also helped us bring order and move ahead not only with dedication and determination but a newly renewed sense of direction towards all the fringed sections of India’s society.

By this time, SMIT has successfully spread its protective care by starting another centre at Wada in Paghar District of Maharashtra. The absence of desired infrastructure standards and below par quality of facilities propelled us to shift our base to Panvel in Raigad District of Maharashtra. However, several issues related to available land areas continued to persist and kept holding us back.

SMIT- Charting Out Our Own Journey

The vision of our founder and the passion, able guidance and sheer dedication of the present leadership, has ensured that SMIT goes from strength to strength.

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How SMIT Works?

SMIT aims to ensure the safety and welfare of the existing members as well as those who wish to stay with us before welcoming residents on board. To fulfil these goals, setting up a well-defined and reasonable methodology for onboarding is essential.

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SMIT- Comprehensiveness All Around

SMIT has adopted a superlatively effective approach to eradicate numerous social evils. We are not only serving the weaker sections of the society, but also making them independent & self reliant.

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Presenting The Future- The Way We See It

Neither the present nor the expected future is acceptable to us. And, it shouldn’t be to anyone with a conscience that is still genuinely alive.

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Presenting The Future- The Way It Needs To Be

SMIT Old Age Home & Care Foundation wants to take its journey to a final destination and continue the good work with the same zeal and dedication that has characterized us over the years.

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You have seen the future- Help us build it!

We, at SMIT Old Age Home & Care Foundation, have presented our plan for the state-of-the-art facility that we want to build and operate without any undesired hindrances.

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