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Our Objectives

To create a support system for the needy senior citizens to live a respectable, satisfying, quality life by filling the gaps with the contribution of change makers for achievement of empathetic holistic wellbeing.

Presenting the future- The Need for Top-notch Professionals

Being practical and covering all facets of operations is essential in all facilities meant for taking care of seniors. The infrastructure that SMIT Old Age Home & Care Foundation wants to create and the amenities we aim to provide will be meaningless if we do not have proficient professionals handling it.

The management under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Yojana Vikas Gharat is dedicated to the cause of senior citizens of India. At our new home, SMIT wants professionals with similar levels of sincerity and dedication. At the same time, compromising with skillsets is not an option.

As a result, a foolproof mechanism for hiring and employing all members of the staff will be put in place. Checking their qualifications and ensuring that they deserve to be on the staff roll of SMIT is crucial. At the same time, assessing their morality, ethics and aptitude for taking care of our residents needs to be prioritized.

Volunteer With SMIT and Help Further Our Cause

Throughout our journey, numerous social workers, students, and working professionals from different walks of life have come forward and extended a helping hand. Some of them were with us temporarily, and others are frequent visitors without making SMIT their permanent home.

In any case, their good wishes and blessings remain with us consistently. They keep giving us the strength to carry on with confidence. It would not be wrong to say that the time and effort of volunteers is no less important to our pursuits than monetary contributions from donors.

So, if you have inherent goodness and the desire to bring joy in the lives of the less fortunate ones, we will always have a place for you. Come to us and experience the joy that comes along with making a difference.

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