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SMIT & Our Founder’s Journey

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”- Mother Teresa
This beautiful quote by Mother Teresa, founder of Missionaries of Charity, a charitable organization in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal, is what our founder Mrs. Yojana Gharat believes. After all, this very Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata was her home during childhood. To be uninfluenced by the aura of Mother’s compassionate nature and benevolence is then impossible.
Mrs. Gharat, the founder and President of SMIT foundation, is a strong lady with a mission! For more than 23 years, she has worked tirelessly to uplift the poor, the abandoned, the disabled, and even those suffering from mental ailments. Her tremendous perseverance and efforts led to the formation of SMIT in the year 2010 at Boisar in the Palghar district of Maharashtra.
Through continued support, dedication, and efforts from various helping hands, the SMIT Old Age Home and Care Foundation registered as an NGO in 2017. Together with her two able daughters - Vrushali and Mayuri, Mrs. Gharat aims to propel the SMIT Foundation to even greater heights to create a better world for everyone!

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Success Stories

Kadar Bhai

“Allah sab dhekh raha hai”. Our dear Khadhar Bhai, who lives by this saying and has only pure intentions in his heart, made his way into our lives and has brought nothing but immense joy.
Born with an IQ considered lower than the average human, Khadhar Bhai spent most of his life trying to find acceptance in his village. However, having lost his family members at a very young age and, as a result, having to live on the streets made it hard for him.
He was often made fun of and pelted stones at by the villagers only because he was different from the rest. Sometimes, like every human, he too succumbs to his emotions and gets aggressive, but that is only a result of the villagers’ extremely violent behavior.

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Miss Deena Sequeira

If you could use one word to describe the fame you find through the film industry, it would be ‘unpredictable’. One day you’re revelling in all the good things that it brings, and the next, you see everything slip right through your fingers.
Miss Deena Sequeira’s godfather, her sole guardian, introduced her to the film industry during her teenage years.
She starred in various movies and gained popularity at a very young age. As time went by, her career peaked, and it was almost as though she was living her best life; until she wasn’t.
Just when she was ready to settle in and get comfortable living her bachelor life, the unpredictability of being a part of the film industry presented itself.
She stopped getting signed for movies and lost everything in her name as a result of trying to make a ‘comeback’.

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Miss Kusum

When you live a life of poverty, hard work becomes your best friend. It becomes your source of hope, one that you cling to until you find the release you’ve been looking for.
Miss Kusum lived this exact narrative; hard work was all she knew and was all she was going to know for quite some time. She used to work in a brick kiln with her husband, and her days were spent commuting between work and home. With no children and no extended family to rely on, her husband was all she had, so when he passed, Miss Kusum was devastated. Her only source of moral and physical support was no more, and she was left all alone.
However, the life she lived did not give her the privilege to grieve her loss, and she had to get back to the kiln as though nothing had changed.
Over time, Miss Kusum’s health caught up to her, and she fell sick. She soon lost her job and the roof over her head.

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Our Helping Group / Supporters

Many partners and supporters have helped and continue to help SMIT to achieve its objectives and vision. We are forever grateful to all the organizations and individuals for their constant support, encouragement, and help. Without all of them, SMIT would have been just a beautiful dream.

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