To create a support system for the needy senior citizens to live a respectable, satisfying, quality life by filling the gaps with the contribution of change makers for achievement of empathetic holistic wellbeing.

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To ascertain that all the enrolled members are treated equally in conducive and friendly environment aptly facilitated for physical, mental, spiritual and social wellbeing.

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1. To create a well constructed equipped and safe Old Age and Care Home at a suitable location by way of community participation.

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SMIT- Shouldering Additional Responsibility

SMIT was brought into existence with the primary goal of taking care of destitute senior citizens, impoverished, orphaned children and mentally unstable without proper financial resources.

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Working Towards Self Sustenance

At SMIT, financial independence is given its due importance, keeping in view the practical aspects of running an NGO with such facilities aiming to impact multiple sections of the society.

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Concerning Affairs about Seniors

The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act came into force in the year 2007. It provided for setting up of senior citizen homes in every district across the country.

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